Wedding photography

On your wedding day, it can be overwhelming and you're lucky if you find a moment to really step back from the action, breath and absorb all of the delicate details that you have put together. Some, of course, but largely as the bride and groom the day disappears before your eyes and you can miss a whole host of little moments. 

We don't.

We have them all for you. The precious, the emotional and the wild (yes, we most likely will get your drunken dance moves..). Whether that entails crawling beneath the tables with the children or appearing over your dad's shoulder, just in time for that burst of laughter as he finishes telling that embarrassing story about you.

Working closely with you, the couple, we then tailor those moments to create a personal, bespoke result. This can be an album, CD or USB, beautifully boxed, wrapped and engraved depending on your preference.